June 1st 2024

Update: First Buyback and Burn

Rewardo Token Latest Updates!

Hello Rewardo Community! We’re excited to bring you some important updates about our ongoing initiatives and recent achievements. Here’s the latest:

New Gleam Campaign Quests: Dive into our newly launched quests on Gleam.io! These quests are designed to engage and reward our community for active participation. Join these fun activities and help spread the word about Rewardo while earning rewards. https://www.rewardotoken.com/competitions/ 

Token Buyback and Burn Executed: In our commitment to enhancing the value of Rewardo for all token holders, we have successfully completed a buyback and subsequent burn of 6,213,647 Rewardo Tokens using the USDC from our community and CEX wallets. This step is crucial for reducing the overall supply and increasing the scarcity of Rewardo Tokens. You can view the transaction details here: BSCScan Transaction.

Airdrop Completion: Our recent airdrop campaign has concluded, and we’re happy to announce that all Rewardo Tokens have been successfully distributed to the participants’ wallet addresses. We appreciate everyone’s involvement and hope you’ll continue to engage with our community.

These updates mark significant milestones in our journey to build a stronger and more vibrant Rewardo community. Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and don’t hesitate to reach out on our Telegram group if you have any questions or need assistance.

Together, we’re making Rewardo a major player in the DeFi space!


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